About the project

V&M - an online resource for singles and married, career-oriented and laid-back, engaged in business or arts, devoted to home life and those who are yet to identify their life mission. It is a young and actively growing online platform for women who are following their dreams and constantly developing their mind, body and soul. 


V&M - a place where you can:

  • have the first glimpse of the most interesting events from all over the world;
  • get the looks from style icons;
  • read the most exclusive interviews with inspiring people;
  • plan your journey and find the best place to stay;
  • find the healthiest recipes;
  • learn the greatest wellbeing techniques;
  • learn how to have an orgasm one after one;
  • and just relax enjoying a high quality content, interesting topics and amazing photos and illustrations.

VIKI and MARINA are friends, travellers and journalists. They work for charitable causes and have strong personalities. 


Marina Sonina -  the founder of the project, journalist, a mother of two and founder of “Dari dobro” (Good Giving) charitable foundation. Marina has a great sense of beauty and style. On the project she constantly explores new experiences and shares them through eye-catching photography and blogging .


Vika Efremova - a сomposite character of our reader. This young woman is engaged in self-developed and she is constantly looking
for answers on her numerous questions. Viki is sensitive to the world and wants to be healthy and fit 


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