Marine beauty: top 10 make up favorites for a summer vacation

Everybody, who was going to have a vacation will understand me, every time we take lots of different pots with creams, bottles with lotions, oil and other cosmetic stuff for our face, body and hair. We need lotion for our brown legs to make them look even better, aftersun mask, and we definitely need oil for our hair – especially blondes need! So, I would like to tell you about my “safe guards”. My must-have for every vacation.

1. Coola sport spf 50 fresh mango moisturizer

One of the most important things for your beauty bags while staying in the sun. My choice is – spf 50 and lightness. I have sensitive skin, that is why hard creams plug my pores. Some time ago, I used spf 80 in the summer not to get pigmentation. The result was – I had no pigmentation but I got rash, so I had to get my skin cleansed twice a month in the best case!

Finally, I discovered a light spf for myself. Scent of mango and the skin is shining!


2. Banana Boat Protective Spray Oil, Sunscreen

My favorite skin treatment. I’m buying it everywhere I see it, because it’s so delicious and skin is just perlaceous afterwards! And when you are suntanned, wearing swimsuit it is ideal oil for you. And a very important moment – it smells very delicate.


3. Fluide Gommant aux Sels Marins de Thalion

Fluide – exfoliating gommant with sea salt for body. Before swimming I obligatory use scrub, I love that feeling on my body and a real sea smell.


4. Thali Sens - Perle de Tiare, body cream

Nourishing body cream with a pearl extract and my favorite cream-hit, which I don’t part with for 5 years already. Perlaceous shine and legs are just as sweets after it!


5. Malin+Goetz, detox face mask

Wonderful moisturization! Gentle but effective pH balancing treatment for sensitive skin that is inspired by nature and enhanced by technology for optimum performance. And also, it foams so nicely on your skin!


6. Yves Saint Laurent Le Cushion Encre de Peau Encrier de Tein

First liquid light powder Yves Saint Laurent. This fluid lies on your skin very smoothly, not so hard as a foundation. I can say for sure, it is the favorite of mine this year and also a pretty parison for my bag!


I don’t use make-up during my travels, warm climate moisturization, soft sea air and relax do their lifting-shining thing and your face is already perfect, but in the evening when you sometimes want to remember about matte skin and put a small amount of make-up on, this fluid is right enough.



7. Aldo Coppola, hair oil 

Moisturizes, nourishes and keeps general tone of your hair up. Right what you need to protect your hair in the sun! After contacting with water, it turns into a re-establishing cream improving your hair structure, which provides a regenerating effect.


8. Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine, hair oil

Another oil treatment, that I love. There are such ingredients as baobab oil, vitamins A, D and E in it, which moisturize your hair from the inside and give it the soft shimmering, furthermore you can use it for your body – it’s a double bonus! I definitely recommend it!


9. Splat Gold, whitening toothpaste

One of my “this year discoveries”, a toothpaste with gold, diamond extract and royal jelly, as they say, but the fairest thing is – I’ve never tried anything better! It whitens, polishes and they stay in ideal condition till the very evening.


Beautiful skin, white teeth, shining hair!



10. Bioderma Sensibio H2O, make-up removing micelle solution

Soothing non-rinse cleanser & make-up remover. It’s fragrance-free, so it is suitable for sensitive skin. I’m washing my skin with this water before going to bed, because I have a blemish-prone skin, which is also very sensitive, so for my travel journeys it’s a perfect solution.


I think you will definitely find something for yourselves and it will appear to be in your beauty bags soon. I’ll be glad if you share impressions with me or give your advice! What suits you best?

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