‘’Go to a bath-house (banya (rus.))!’’ (which means “get lost!” in Russian), is an actually not only a rough insult, but very practical advice. If soul and a body demand having rest, then take a broom in hands and go straight forward! Our ancestors were good judges of relax and detox long before these words have appeared in Russian. Viki&Marina will tell where to take a steam bath how to do it and what is the advantage of it.



"Banya?” Can a civilized person understand, what is it? A log house from which brings down smoke. It seems that we know pretty much about the Russian bath-house, but whether you know, for example, what a famous Russian singer-songwriter and poet Vysotsky meant, when he sang "Fire up a steam bath (white banya) for me"? The Russian white banya is what we have got used to: there is a flue and smoke comes out, without getting to a steam room.


Black banya is when all smoke leaves through a window or a door, and soot settles down walls. If one heats it properly, there is a small amount of soot. It is enough only to water shelves – and you can be ready to take a steam bath. Real experts appreciate a black bath’s magic aroma – here you can catch a smell of timbered walls, fir-tree, fragrant herbs. When you take a steam bath in black banya, it seems that you get to another world – ancient, primal and fantastic.


The main difference from a Russian bath – dry steam and higher temperature, up to 100 degrees or even higher. Theoretically in the Finnish sauna it is possible to take a steam bath (to beat yourself with birch twigs), but in some bathing complexes it is forbidden..


For ancient Romans bath was a club, library, concert hall, sports ground office, hall for negotiations... ah yes, and also they washed there. Nowadays, Roman baths in Spa centers are arranged more simply – several rooms where the different temperature and humidity is maintained, floors and benches are laid out by mosaic or a tile under a natural stone. There is a pool as well


Unlike Russian bath and Finnish sauna, warming up goes due to heating of walls and a floor. Temperature is not so high here – around 50 degrees, at the same time humidity of air is 100%. The sparing temperature condition will suit even those, whom the Russian bath or a sauna is contraindicated. In a steam room there is usually a stone or marble plank bed where it is possible to relax and forget about everything during the massage.


First you soak in a wooden barrel. There can be two of them: the first one is with water temperature around 35 degrees, the second – about 50 degrees. The water is with herbs or sea salts. The following stage – "a sawdust bath". You are dug in in the box filled with the warmed sawdust. It is soft, warm and cozy. Further you will find the second box filled with the warmed stones, waiting for you.


What is good in a bathhouse for an average woman, living in a metropolitan city and spending most of her time at the computer or in traffic jams, always stressed? The most obvious effect – removal of tension. Quiet atmosphere, warmth, damp air, massage with birch twigs –you’re your muscles are already relaxed, breath becomes deeper, your lungs get more oxygen, blood circulation accelerates, and there is no gloomy thoughts in the head left. To be sure – in general there are no thoughts left, except one: "How good is here!"


Pores open, skin is clean, your face color improves. Srubs, peelings, creams after a deep cleansing in a steam room work more effectively. Contrast of temperatures raises a skin tone, its resilience and elasticity. At the expense of plentiful sweating, the mass of all unnecessary and unhealthy is removed from an organism. Those slags which we are so frightened of by cosmetologists and nutritionists.


Many believe that bathhouse helps to lose weight. And it is true, for one visit to a Russian banya it is possible to lose a couple of kilos. This is generally due to water loss and therefore it isn't considered. Another matter if you, for example, actively steam your friend. Professional bathhouse attendants say that in a sweating room it’s only them, who lose weight. You will wave with birch twigs – 3 times for five minutes – and you will get a quite good cardiotraining.


BUT! And it is important: the bath is contraindicated to the pregnant women, cancer patients, people having cardiovascular diseases. And in general, in case of any chronic disease it is necessary to consult with the doctor – whether it is possible to subject the organism to temperature overloads.


Do you remember how in "The irony of fate" (the famous Russian movie) Myagkov's hero worried for the portfolio with "a valuable broom"? And not for nothing! As they say, "in a bath the broom is more expensive than money". Viki&Marina is not an angry stepmother and won’t send you in the winter to look for brooms in the forest. Why, if it is possible to buy any now – either birch, or juniper. The most popular in Russia is a birch, oak and lime broom. Those, who made herbariums in the childhood at a natural study lesson, will understand the differencet – lime and birch leaflets softer and better suitable for gentle skin, oak – more rigid also will be suitable for fans of a hardcore. Be not afraid of experiments! Try also more exotic options: brooms from a juniper, eucalyptus, nettles, maple, alder, bird cherry, mountain ash. Our favorite is a wormwood. When you make such a broom, in a steam room a bitter aroma of plains appears. Magically and romantically! If the smell seems too strong, it is possible to combine a wormwood with any other broom.

Before coming into a steam room, it is necessary to take a shower. Don't forget to roll up the head with a towel or to put on a bathing cap. Start from the lower shelf, then get over on top. Don't sit up longer than 5-10 minutes for one calling, 3-4 times will be more than enough. Don't pursue records! If you feel weakness and dizziness – leave a steam room straight away! You lose a lot of moisture therefore don't forget to drink water and herbal teas in breaks.


It’s much more fun, if you don't soar yourself, that’s why you’d better order services of a professional bathhouse attendant. Or take your friend and properly help each other in turns. It is better to begin with strokings – walk your broom several times along your body from the neck to heels, and then rhythmically move your broom to the back, waist and legs. Finally, softly again stroke from legs to the head.


In breaks between comings into a sweating room, wash yourself down with cold water. While you dive into the cool pool, or jumping into the lake, or fall in snow, you understand: The Universe loves you, and, seemingly, someone repealed the law of universal gravitation. Thoughts disappear, problems are forgotten, and your soul and body soar in zero gravity.


These baths usually head numerous ratings:






Pleasant, and sometimes even magnificent interiors, friendly service, professional bathhouse attendants and massage therapists, SPA procedures, cafe and restaurants – everything is at your service.


If you look for more luxurious and exclusive options, then try Maslov's Baths Here the unique patented technology is used. Before taking a steam bath in a sweating room, visitors relax in "potelena". A floor, walls, a ceiling of a potelna are revetted with a tile, regularly heat up and allow to establish any temperature. Air is incredibly clean and fresh therefore it is easy to breathe. Ceramic plank beds are designed taking into account anatomic features of a human body. It is possible to choose aroma in the potelena, and it is possible to entrust the choice to the professional. It feels like you are in an ideally heated oven. You are surrounded by velvet heat, soft steam and pleasant aromas.


Another favourite of Viki&Marina is Ban-Land complex to Sochi Only provide Spa first you soar in four hands in the steam room filled with aromas of sweet cherry, a linden, eucalyptus, then you are dipped into a font with flowing spring water, and then you are stacked on a huge swing and as if the baby in a cradle, rocks to sleep under gentle sounds of a flute.

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