Sometimes, dinner is only a motive, and the purpose of a date is absolutely different. Well, during the evening it is quite possible to satisfy your normal hunger and enkindle your sexual one. We have collected only the best proven recipes.

The list of products which are considered to be sexual stimulators, and in other words, aphrodisiacs, is quite long. There are such wonders like sea hedgehogs and oysters, and there is also an ordinary chocolate. Force of action doesn't depend on the price and exoticism therefore it’s up only to you to decide what your partner and you are ready today for. 



Classics of a genre! Serve with a lemon under quiet music. Don't forget to cool and pour champagne (it is ideal if it is brut) properly in beautiful glasses. That is the romantic dinner in its best manifestation! But it’s not only the atmosphere that matters. Oysters contain zinc which is responsible for men’s testosterone – that very hormone. There is also a dopamine – so-called hormone of pleasure which causes an inclination both in men, and in women. Great Casanova assured that he ate 50 oysters for breakfast, as it made him the tireless lover. We don't recommend to repeat a feat of old Giacomo: oysters are rich in protein therefore overdoses can lead to proteinaceous poisoning, and then not to love. Dozen is not a random number, but the optimal variant checked for years. Yes, even oysters can be superfluous.



Hedgehogs are ready to compete with oysters: they are also rich in the substances raising a libido. Their caviar is considered to be an especially strong aphrodisiac, but it is better to look for it somewhere closer to Japan, but not in Moscow. Hedgehogs have appeared in the menu of some restaurants ("ERWIN. Rekamoreokean" at your service), but this product is not cheap. If big expenses aren't in your plans, remember more friendly shrimps, mussels and squids. It is good to complement them with the same iced champagne. Well or with iced prosecco, as well. Choose dry: it is better to leave sweet for a dessert.



Foie gras, viagra... There is something very similar in these words! And in effect which they both produce too. Goose liver influences men's potentiality positively, but a piece of a delicacy also won't do girls any harm. Wash down with Kir Royal cocktail which is made from white wine (according to one recipe – sparkling, others – simple dry) and blackcurrant liqueur. 



Cheese is aphrodisiac, especially if you choose the correct tap. It’s not so easy because of the sanctions, but don't give up: you remember that Swiss cheese isn’t under the ban, so, there is a hope to find something tasty. The harder the cheese, the more useful it is (and to our purpose too – associations whether you know, good). It is possible to serve it with honey (another aphrodisiac) or with jam. Wash it down with wine, red or white. Excellent option – the Italian red Amarone which is made from dry grapes. Taste of such wine emphasizes all the advantages of cheese perfectly. 



One more page from classics of romantic evenings. Strawberry improves a libido, and you can’t even imagine how much! And a berry secret is not in juicy pulp as it may seem, it is in small seeds. If strawberry for some reason doesn't suit, it is possible to replace it with raspberry: it causes an allergy less often by the way. Wash down with a cocktail which stays in charts for many years as the most fashionable: "Aperol Spritz" is the king of bars, especially in hot weather, and it is perfectly combined with any fruit and berries. 



In fact, it is possible to call any chocolate aphrodisiac. Especially for the sweet tooth, well you understand! And still you shouldn't think that a chocolate bar for 100 rubles will have the magic effect. It is better not to be greedy and choose something ritzier. Bitter chocolate, certainly, is more preferable. Nuts wouldn’t be a bad thing: they are on our side, as well. Truffles (sweets, of course) with iced brut or Bellini cocktail on a prosecco basis with addition of peach puree can become an alternative. Easily and even graceful!



Some consider that one view of an asparagus is enough to feel excitement. But it is better, of course, after all to cook and eat it as a side order to a fresh steak, for example. Then it isn't necessary to think of food for the rest of evening and it will be possible to concentrate on the main thing. Wash down an asparagus and a steak with dry red wine. By the way, it’s an aphrodisiac too if you watch quantity.  



Indians considered that the secret of a happy family life is in sesame therefore they added it everywhere – both to flat cakes, and to meat. They were right. Magic seeds are good just in their universality. You can add it both in salad, and a dessert. The dish won’t become worse, and the organism will thank you for a dose of useful stuff. Sesame salad will go well, for example, with an iced mojito. You need rum, mint, soda and a new view on the world and today's night. 


Text Viki&Marina