Do you remember the movie "What Women Want"? The main character was performed by Mel Gibson who didn't understand what was necessary for us. As for us, we often don't know what men dream of as well. And since we don't know, why not ask them!

What associations occur to you when you hear the phrase "an unforgettable evening for your love"? Lace lingerie, Playboy ears, aromatic candles all over the apartment, bath with foam... Very beautiful! But the thing is that male sexual imaginations have nothing in common with this beauty. And what do these men want then? Let’s check out the results of our poll.



Yes, they just dream of tying the beloved to a bed as strongly as it possible – and it is better to tie the eyes with a scarf for fidelity – and to do what they want and how they want. With this imagination, everything is clear. So the man can once again (and someone can do it only this way) feel strong, feel the full power over the woman. Don’t be greedy, girls, allow them to ego-trip. Prepare all the attributes yourselves. If after all there is a wish for beauty, in sex shops it is possible to buy very pretty ropes and silk bandages on eyes now. While your darling is at work, send him a photo of all these facilities and write nothing more. And lay out all arsenal on a bedside table in the evening, allowing him to show an initiative. Here you will see, you will both enjoy that. Blindfolded, you will become more sensitive!

However, not always and not everyone and wants to be a boss. According to researches, nearly 80% of men say that there isn't enough initiative from the woman. The stronger sex is quite ready to be weak in a bed and sometimes waits women to be dominants. The cowgirl position, with the fingers crossed on a neck, easy slaps, scratching – here are several checked options. But, as one my friend told, the main thing that the woman accepted the role of a boss, starting a similar game, otherwise it will look ridiculously and will hardly excite the partner.



Yes, men like sweet women's groans and hot whisper very much. But sometimes there is a wish to do everything in silence. And for this purpose – to close their partner’s mouth. Literally. And not with a hand or a rag, but a ball gag with leather thongs, like in the BDSM-porn. It is one more way to subordinate the woman and to feel the force. Besides, for someone the esthetics of a bandage is close. Handcuffs, belts, ropes, a gag make an image of the sexual slave and look very seductive. And flowing ink with smeared lipstick will be more pertinent here, than an ideal make-up.



Of course, ropes and gags will help to diversify your life in the bed, but I haven’t ever met the man who wouldn't be excited by a thought of sex in a public place. Lately at dinner with friends I asked where they would like to make love. "Behind a curtain in a fitting room", "in a toilet of a restaurant", " at friends’ place", "on a back seat in a taxi", "on a plane", "in a train", "in IKEA" – they have issued me a long list of locations and a couple of ones wouldn’t ever actually occur to me. How to act then? The main thing is to put on a light dress, and, on the contrary, not to put on panties. During a slow walk in a park or looking at bed sheets in a shop, let him know that there is no underwear on you. After that he will make everything itself, you only need to be more courageous and to derive pleasure from extreme sex. Perhaps, it will be awkward for the first time, but adrenaline will add brightness to an orgasm.



Another game about which I was told by men in their language is called "Doesn't give straight away". And the speech is not about the rule of three dates for beginners. The thing is to play a little with the partner instead of jumping in your cozy bed at once. To flirt, touch, whisper something exciting and at the moment to push his hands away, to go to another room and to attract, attract – without coming closer. It excites very much; the male instinct wakes up in a man. It is possible to finish the excitement when it isn't able to suffer any more and at last he will win you. And you will only need to give up.



There is one hidden place which can afford to a man the mass of pleasure. The speech is about a prostate. This massage precisely should be tested. From such stimulation, according to stories, men’s orgasms are especially bright. If you aren't ready to massage a prostate with a finger or tongue, study the range of special shops – there is a wide choice of accessories. Try, for example, sex with a butt plug. It is better to discuss with the partner this subtle aspect in advance because despite all gratefulness of the process, the guy can be not ready for it for various reasons. By the way, you can pick up a butt plug for itself – additional stimulation during sex process won’t disturb anybody.


But the main advice from men – talk with them about sex! It isn't necessary to study the special websites for long to arrange a magnificent surprise for your darling. It is necessary just to ask. And then – to make.

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