In the summer, all of us are pulled to water. We were pulled as well – to sail, fly in boots and to do a downward dog, winking at the floating by small fishes.


Freedom – that’s what often isn't enough for us in the stuffy city in the summer. Sailing perfectly suits those who dream to escape from fetters of a megalopolis and though for a while to feel somewhere on the coast. So we have decided to look for a fair wind.


To yacht has appeared to be not only romantic, but also terribly informative. All these geeks, grottoes and other rigging … In one word, it’s hard to remember everything. But it was also not necessary to us – the skilled instructor explained all difficult terms with the normal language. And it is good that cables differ in color – it is simpler for blondes to be guided. So, under supervision of the pro, we cut waters of the Khimki reservoir. Such a pleasure! Wind inflated sails, and we enjoyed beautiful views and how dexterously for us it turns out to cope with the yacht. The main thing, enjoying, in time to bend down and not to be hit with the geek on the head.


It’s not so difficult to become a beginning yachtsman. Regattas are carried out twice a week. In the beginning – there is an induction, and then a race on the set distance in the company of crew (if there is no team, you will find workmates). But if you seriously want to do sailing, it is possible to undergo also full training after which you acquire the most true yacht rights. Also be prepared, such a desire will most likely arise – you receive too many emotions under a sail.


What to wear:

Comfortable clothes and footwear with a white sole




Sailing school PROyachting on the base of Royal Yacht Club yacht-club



sup yOGA

You won’t surprise anyone with normal yoga in the fresh air so the yoga on boards for SUP surfing is interesting. We saw something similar when traveled last year around Italy. But it turned out that we don’t have to go so far and it’s actually possible to do in Moscow as well. For example, in Strogino. It’s the very place, where the feeling of balance and imponderability develop by themselves – if you don’t want to plunge into the river, you have to keep balance. All the asanas are done exactly the same way, but on the board. Our instructor Anna dexterously changed poses – and pregnancy, seemingly, didn't hinder her at all. For us, of course, it was difficult to stay in Sarvangasana (in "birch" if in Russian) for long at first and we didn't risk to do to Shirshasan (a stand on the head). But classical twisting, a downward dog and even a plank on a board were carried out perfectly.


Well and whether it is worth saying about how meditative water yoga is? They say, a person can look at water endlessly. And here it is also impossible to think of anything. All attention is concentrated on a body and breath – if you let the thoughts of a dinner, work or the man, come to you mind, right there you will lose balance.


It is perfect to do it early in the morning or at sunset – it’s not so hot and there are few people.


What to wear: a comfortable (better sports) swimsuit or clothes for yoga.


Where: SUP-center Moscow





It is a kind of water sport. Balance-board – the wooden board reminding a surfboard by its shape, but several times smaller. It must be put on the special roller, and your task is to stand on a board and keep the balance. And it is more difficult, than it seems. The roller goes to different directions, and beginners usually need an insurance for the first time.


Balance-board is a good preparation for those who want to surfboard or plan to master any of sports boards. Also, this thing is appeared to be a quite available and not banal fitness exercise machine. If you learn to stand confidently on it, it is possible to try squats. It is an effective training for legs, buttocks and abs. And moreover, those boards are very beautiful!



What to wear:


Any convenient clothes




If you buy a board, then anywhere. Or in the  Wind club





Here and there it was necessary to plunge into water after all. Flyboard became especially popular this summer, and we couldn't pass by the wonderful invention. If it is short, then it is a small board, where special boots are established from one side, and on the other there is a long hose attached. The second end of a hose is brought to a waverunner and when its driver increases speed, the powerful stream lifts a flyboardist upward.


Looking at the people flying over water, you first think: Wow! How are they actually doing it?". And then streams of water push you out in air, and what remains in the head is only "A-a-a-a!". The most difficult thing is to resist and not to fall with shout into water.


And an ability to balance here is not that important. It is necessary just to stand, without bending knees. Absolutely! If you give in – you are in water again. But feelings you get from a flyboard are incredible! A pipe with water climbing 23 meters long on, so, it is possible to rise 20 meters over water. But for beginners it is necessary to learn "to fly" confidently at first on at least two meters.


After classes muscles of legs and abs hurt, and the smile doesn't come down from your face for a long time. It is good if before flight you ask somebody to take a picture of you from the coast. After that you will be proud of yourself.



What to wear:


Diving suit, a helmet and life jacket (they are given at the place)




Text Марина
Photo Alexey Konstantinov
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