Aqua training: 5 reasons to learn how to swim

Crawl, breast stroke, butterfly stroke – beautiful words which for many remain just words. It is easy to replace any style of swimming with not less stylish lying on the beach or bathing in the society of an air mattress. But whether costs?

It is possible to master swimming at any age – there would be desire. And desire arises in five reasons about which we also will tell right now.




Swimming, perhaps, remains to one of the most not costly sports. The subscription to the pool costs much cheaper, than the admittance card in fitness club. The same concerns also individual occupations with the trainer. Set of the beginning swimmer will be located in a small handbag: bathing suit, hat, glasses, slates, towel. And all this shan't be superexpensive – much, we will tell cheap points, and them unless, it is necessary to measure because correctly picked up model considerably will facilitate life approach. Pools are even in small settlements today what to speak about the cities. And if they aren't near you (or they are closed as it often happens in the summer on repair), then lakes, the rivers, the seas or oceans in the help. The nature cares for that хомо the sapiens subdued water elements. 




Growing thin know that swimming – one of the most energy-intensive sports. On occupations the water aerobics, for example, studies muscles about which existence dragging a bar even didn't suspect of gym. Besides, swimming hasn't enough contraindications: it is recommended even to those at whom a problem with a back and a neck, and it is a scourge of all adherents of a computer conduct of life (that is, most of us). The advantage is undoubted – water exercises allow to supply with oxygen all groups of muscles and develop endurance.      


And water perfectly washes away a stress. Swore with the chief, the boyfriend tired, and mother remembered that she has few grandsons? Couple of kilometers – and to live in the pool becomes better and more cheerful. Water (even chlorinated) really has magic property to carry away with itself sorrows, offenses and mental anguish.




For certain at many the image of the young Pamela Anderson running on the beach in a bright bathing suit and accompanied by a couple of apollon was fixed in the head. Well, not one rescuers are fated to work for themselves.


The skill is necessary "to fly" in water to representatives of many professions. For example, to sea biologists who are capable to overcome long distances, watching animals or birds. It is possible to register in the ballet on water (yes, there is also such), to become the instructor in tours. New ability always opens new opportunities even if earlier you dreamed to become exclusively chief accountant, the director of restaurant or the singer. And apollona only also wait for it – they, strangely enough, love not just beautiful, and sure, purposeful, that is, those who and without apollon won't be gone.




To set an ambitious goal for itself and to aim at it – what can be better? To float to an anchor buoy on the city beach or two kilometers in the pool, to participate in "A race of heroes" where, as a rule, there are water stages, to subdue English Channel, popular with swimmers (or at least Volga, popular with us), to win sea all-round competitions – all this is quite implement. Famous Japanese writer, author of "Hunting for sheep" Haruki Murakami has specially learned to swim well only to take part in a thriathlon. To him at that time was for 40.




When you learn to float, it will surely want to you bigger. For example, to test so-called "wild swimming" (about that, what is it, it is possible to read, for example, in the book of the American writer Daniel Start). Or to go to the swimming camp – the place where train in conquest of long distances in the high sea or the ocean.


Usually the training lasts week: during this time you will be taught the theory of swimming (and it, seriously, the whole science), to control the fungus and a rhythm, to be guided on open water, to consider all natural factors, to commensurate the forces and just to derive pleasure. Similar the camp will be organized both for advanced swimmers, and for beginners – in Turkey, in Vietnam, to Bali so you will be able to see the world and not to pass for the banal tourist.


It is necessary only to take the first step (or a jump) to new, novel, unusual – and everything will turn out.

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