Act like IRONMAN!

Each of us starts thinking of his health condition at the certain point. And at the moment you become interested in it – information sources appear right there: books, video, people’s advice, motley advertisement and so on. But can these signs from above be considered enough to achieve results?

Each our day is a small life. And the way of living is also our choice. To make the correct decision it is necessary to have internal freedom, force and tranquility. Everyone has the cares which are persistently setting us apart from the "real life". And we give in to concern which doesn't give answers to anything. But it gives us solicitude, premature ageing, stress and sometimes even a stomachache. So how to start living in a different way right now? What gives us vital strength? In which ways is it possible to relax? How to get pleasure from simple things?


There are people who managed to answer themselves these questions and they are ready to share the answers with others. For example, one of participants of a popular thriathlon of «IRONMAN», Alexander Voropayev.

For those who don't know: IRONMAN is the multisports race which is carried out by the World corporation of a thriathlon, taking place continuously in three steps: a 3,86 km heat, a cycle race with a distance of 180,25 km and a 42,195 km dash.

So, our triatloner. It’s told about them: "they know the taste of life". His eyes are fiery. He is mobile and full of strength. There is enough energy for weekly flights to different countries where he actively teaches people how to ski and climb up mountains on remote tracks. In his life, in addition to sport and work, there is a family, travels, a help to others. And he is 60 years old (now 30 year olds must be activated somehow). How is he doing it? Of course, it’s a genetically pledged force. But for manifestation of such exclusive interest in everything, one needs to have a desire, will, ability to hear himself and others, ability to effectively organize working and personal time.


Our Ironman follows several simple rules which help him keep and increase greatly the vital energy. Try to live according to them. Not to run a marathon or to cross Volga. At least to have a healthy soul and a body.




Be in good mood. Make your body become deaf to negative thoughts. The brain will be quiet, and Take sunbathes. Live quietly and with pleasure.




Please your eyes. Generate tranquility in yourself. So it will become possible to collect internal forces, to create a balance of a body and mind – nervous force for overcoming the tension of life. Such technique will help define your further activity.




Whenever possible, try to have some rest in the middle of the day. Enjoy it. Also, remember that it’s impossible to have a good rest at night if the nervous system is stimulated with coffee and tea drinks, alcohol and tobacco products.




Change your usual menu. Fruit, vegetables, proteins (fish, cheese, beans, lentil, nuts, sunflower seeds), natural oil. As for sweets – honey, dried fruits, treacle. Have more vitamin B and calcium.




Force your body to be tired pleasantly. Walk fast in the fresh air. Nobody can be too old for exercises. If you don't use the body – you lose it.




Have the feeling of the direction. Read. Don't give in to fears, analyze them and perceive no more, than a physical feeling. Don’t be irritated, do not get involved in quarrels, don't despond and don’t be talkative. Replace the feeling of loss with the happiness of memories. Don't strain nerves though it is rather difficult. Extend the years for love and mercy.

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