TEST: How balanced is your life?

The Big consists of little things - it is the known truth. Let's try to collect the picture of your inner world from details. While others do hormones tests, we will carry out the harmony test. Useful procedure!

How to analyze results?

It is possible to carry black and white, it is necessary to speak yes or no and it you are even welcome to do it. There are 30 statements in our list.

• If you agree with the odd statement add yourself one point

• For each disagreement with the even statement – one point

If you understood all this at once – one more prize-winning point


1. When you accidentally catch the reflection in a mirror or a show-window, you admire: "Who is this beautiful girl! Oh, is it me?! It's cool!"

2. In cafe you order not that you want to eat, but what is considered to be useful and contains few calories. And then you convince themselves: smoothie from spinach is very-very tasty.

3. You love compliments. Also, you are sure that people around tell them sincerely. Unless at birthday there are too many "perfect people who want only good", but how pleasant it is!

4. Next day after a global shopping you want to carry a half of things back. It is hard even to imagine why you have bought, for example, culottes of a spinach smoothie color and one size smaller, than it was necessary.

5. In your inner circle there are no longer any people whom it is hard, boring or unpleasant to communicate with. And why, when there are so many others, wonderful and inspiring around!

6. You don't remember when you normally got enough sleep last time. But next week by all means! At least one time.

7. You aren't irritated by tactless questions on personal subjects. Yes, people are rough. But it is not your problems.

8. Life seems to you a draft copy, but very soon everything will change – and you will begin to write everything clean.

9. If you are friends with a person, you never count how much he has made for you, and how many you for him. Friendship is a voluntary business!

10. If it was possible to return to the past, you would change a lot of things, and not just rubles for dollars and euro.

11. Between it "is necessary" and "I want" you choose... compromise. And it is almost always successful.

12. You can hardly bear even several hours of loneliness. It is good that there are social networks and the mobile Internet.

13. If you meet your husband / boyfriend now, you will fall in love with him again.

14. You sometimes want to visit a family psychologist, but something stops you.

15. You don't consider jealousy a manifestation of love. Well, unless her tiny portion gives to the relations some freshness of impressions.

16. You trust in the theory of two halves created for each other. If you don't find yours one – you will suffer all your life.

17. You like, what do you do. No, it is amusing to complete this test too, but we are speaking about some global business now.

18. If it was possible to choose an era, a country and a city, you would choose not those you were given at birth.

19. You consider spending leisure time with your love separately as a quite normal practice: it is very useful for the relations!

20. There is no wish to admit, but your sexual life leaves much to be desired. And it is necessary to put up with it.

21. Beautiful melodramas about Love For life don't spoil your mood: all these Mr. Darcies are good only watching them on the screen, with popcorn.

22. You don't allow your darling to find you with no make-up on and in pajamas. You always get up for this an hour earlier.

23. In your life there is no Monday syndrome. After weekends you want for work, on Friday – to have a rest. Classics of the genre.

24. It seems to you that you are underestimated at work. And sometimes – even overestimated. Anyway, they hardly understand what you are like.

25. You like travelling, but by the end of a trip you start being homesick.

26. You try to restrain any negative emotions – not to cry, not to raise the voice and not to state claims.

27. Your office is a very cozy place. But you don't want to lodge there after all.

28. It is very important for that people who are around liked you. Or were shocked by you. Generally, you need to make a bright impression and to see a reaction.

29. Small things can rarely put you out of temper. And they are definitely not capable to spoil your mood for all day.

30. You often take offense, it is easy to wound you with a blurt or a rough remark.




Less than 10

It seems that now there is some dissonance in your soul and a disorder with a tendency to chaos. Perhaps, the massed-up tiredness or the collected problems are in charge of that. If points much less than ten, it will be difficult for you to get over all that without support and the help of an expert. Close to ten? Try to cope with your problems independently: have some rest and more often amuse yourself with something that is really pleasant to you. Sense of guilt, a self-reflection and desire to meet someone's expectations are strictly forbidden for you!


From 10 to 20 points

Everything is quite good, but there is still much to aspire. For example, to independence of others opinion. Or to search of new sources of a positive. Think about areas of your life that demand revision? The relations with your loved, with less loved or with yourself?


From 20 and more points

It is possible only to be glad! Well and slightly to retouch what is not arranged yet. Wow, you have all 30 points?! It is even strange that you have undertaken this test. You can make own, provide successful trainings and help others to find harmony. Have you ever thought of it?

Text Viki&Marina
Photo Андрей Бойк
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