The right choice: rehabilitation in Germany

As Forest Gump said, "shit happens". It is possible to fall to a level ground and to suffer a serious injury. And then the long process of rehabilitation begins. And the most important thing here is not to be mistaken with the choice of clinic. We hope that this information will never be useful to you, but if the help of the best experts is suddenly required, you will know where to go and what to do. Viki&Marina have prepared for you the first-hand report – where it is better to obtain rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

After a trauma

I broke a thigh-bone and this is a serious injury, you need two surgical attacks after that. At first it was necessary to extend the leg therefore I was in special metal spokes for the whole week. Then the surgical intervention of putting the bones together was needed. Rehabilitation after that takes a couple of months.

I can say I was lucky – I broke a leg in Thailand and found myself in the Bangkok international hospital of Samui. The traumatologic department is considered to be a really good one so I had the surgery done there. Thanks to everyone’s support at that moment – I felt an improbable stream of world love, wishes of recovery poured from all around the world. It was cooler, than even at birthday!

When I have arrived to Moscow, first of all it was necessary to learn opinion of the Russian doctors: how successful the operation was and where it wass possible to undergo rehabilitation. In the Moscow European medical center the head of office of rehabilitation, the remarkable recreation therapist Alexander Korchagin was my doctor. There are many foreign doctors, great specialists who work in EMC and they have come into contacts with the leading European clinics.

It turned out that surgery was successful and it was possible to begin rehabilitation. Moscow doctors have introduced experts in Germany to me. And I found myself in the German clinic of Eden Reha which is in an hour of driving from Munich. Why exactly there?

Choice of clinic

Reputation. Before choosing a doctor or a clinic, it is always worth learning about previous patients and to read the patients’ rewievs. Football players of the German Bundesliga and handballers of our Olympic team recover from their injuries In Eden Reha. Naturally, for athletes of such a level they choose only the best.

Narrow specialization.

Narrow specialists are highly appreciated here. In Germany, for example, there are five different experts specialized on knee injuries, each of them is responsible for a concrete trauma. It is also important that the doctor-surgeon worked in a close collaboration with specialists in rehabilitation. I learned about that from my own experience: at one moment I began to force the leg too much, the ankle was hurt. The doctor studied photos, reconsidered treatment and right there called the specialist in a physiotherapy and explained to him in detail that it was necessary to make changes to the plan of rehabilitation.

Similar approach helps to avoid unnecessary surgeries. The good surgeon, before doing operation, will surely ask, what conservative methods of treatment were already tried. "Conservative" doesn't mean "backward" at all, it means all complex of measures of treatment without operative measures: remedial gymnastics, physiotherapy and other. We will tell, it isn’t necessary to operate each rupture, without having tried at first more sparing measures. Here you can be precisely sure: surgery will be prescribed only if there is no other way out.

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