Changing difficulty

Everything that happens – to the best. And vital difficulties can make us stronger as great Nietzsche bequeathed. But what to do if hands fall and it is more difficult to be adjusted on a positive every day? There are several ways to return confidence, to pass through adversities and to learn the correct lessons.



Many consider that it is necessary to fight for happiness. And with firmness to overcome difficulties, it is necessary to become the such soldier of light tirelessly battling for the better life. But all this myth! The strategy of the fighter is initially wrong, it takes away time and exhausts forces. However to sit and wait when the black strip ends, it is unproductive too. Nothing occurs in life just like that, and our inner world creates external reality.

The reason of our problem is anyway hidden in ourselves.

The reason of any problem is anyway covered in ourselves. Wonder: why it happened to you and what you can make to change a situation? Stalemates don't happen. As Alex Likerman in the book "Writes invincible mind: the science how to resist to difficulties and adversities", decisions is always, but often they for any reason aren't pleasant to us. One seem too difficult and energy-intensive, others, on the contrary, too simple and from it inefficient. But each of them can work. It is worth accepting (and to test) different options of succession of events and to be ready to the fact that any turn is capable to remove us on the direct and flat road.




"You can't change a situation – change the attitude towards her", – here one more known phrase which sometimes causes irritation. And it just precisely captures the transition essence from fall to take-off. We already said that a root of all problems – in ourselves. And it means, as the solution is found in the same place. Also there are at least, two reasons why we don't see them. First, they don't correspond to subconscious installations and the habitual course of thinking. If we all life convince ourselves, it is impossible to trust anybody, and we won't ask for help. And by that we will lose chance to be convinced of that, how many around the kind and generous people ready to help. Secondly, we represent directly the worst option of succession of events. The fear will paralyze us, gives rise to panic and imitation of action instead of the action. We run on the place because we simply are afraid to move from it.

In a difficult life situation it is necessary to change and go beyond a habitual framework.


Only new even if the view of things seeming illogical allows to change a situation and even to derive benefit from it. Open to new and allow difficulties to happen. It will make you wiser, so is steadier against any adversities.




Even if now you don't trust in it, it doesn't cancel your responsibility for own life. Each of us has a huge potential and internal resources to cope with difficulties. Say that all testing are given us on forces. The person who knows that he has these forces can only be this author of life.


It is important to share feelings and emotions. The first help to hear themselves and to look for a way out. The second will paralyze and confuse. Don't allow anybody – even yourself – to doubt you. Act resolutely and be ready to accept responsibility for consequences. Accept failures with thanks and take a step from a comfort zone. The more consciously you will treat adversities, the you will be more fair with yourself, and rather will come fortunately

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