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Nowadays, it is very fashionable to combine business with pleasure. Detox hotels help us to rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and at the same time to cleanse your body of toxins with the help of special diets and procedures. Where should we go to be able to come back like a new person?


In this hotel you will get acquainted with the miracle of modern macrobiotic nutrition. The diets are all completely personalised and based on these very macrobiotic principles. According to the principles, there are two types of energy – yin and yang and we need to eat food, where they are balanced. It is important, that these products are ecologically-clean and cultivated in a place of living. Moreover, you will be able to take care of your health with the help of yoga, chi-kung, tai-chi, watsu, physiotherapy, laughter therapy, reflexology, moxibustion and reiki. And exciting views are right what you need there!

VIVA MAYR, Klagenfurt, Austria

Klagenfurt itself makes a good impression of relax with all its amenities of nature. Add here the opportunity to keep to a diet, which is made special for you. Specialists will test an impact of each product on your health, so you can be sure, it will be a 100% match! And yeah, don’t be surprised if you see a famous person there: stars love coming to Viva Mayr for a week or two to de-stress themselves. 



A lot of people associate Goa not with detox, but with noisy parties till the early morning. But the smallest Indian state takes care of traditions of its country and it means, that medical industry here is on a high level. Detox program is based on Ayurveda principles there. It is recommended to come there not less than for two weeks: it’s an ideal amount of time to cleanse your organism. During the first week you will experience juice detox. After that, step by step you will try dishes, made by a native Chef from eco-products. You will go home with a list

of recommendations of how to eat healthy, so that you could continue doing your best and living a new life!



Maybe it wouldn’t occur to you to detox in California, but just think: where else can you find so much information about problems of big city inhabitants? We Care Spa hotel will help you to reduce your stress and get rid of a sense of alarm. Juice detox is combined with yoga and breathing practice here, which help to find absolute harmony. Liv Tyler has been coming here for ten years and that’s why she strongly recommends you to join her. 


In the hotel, where detox programs are held by the procedure of a famous nutritionist Henri Sheno, you are promised to feel the difference in your organism 6 days later. At first, a doctor will examine you, find out a proportion of your body fat and muscle mass and determine a level of stress and toxins. A nutritionist will choose a special program for you, which will consist of not only a proper diet, but also include physical exercises. Also you will live in a real castle and have an opportunity to walk around a big park. It seems to be enough to recharge energies. 


You probably heard some stories about people, who once visited Bali, came back home feeling absolutely renewed and cleared up. This effect can be intensified if you don’t hang about the island, looking for zen and self-conciously decide to stay at a detox hotel. Bali Retret Center will be suitable for those who want to get acquainted with basic concepts of rawism and healthy eating. Who knows, maybe you have always been a raw vegan in your soul and this steak doesn’t serve you? Yoga and mental practices are attached!



Don’t want to travel too far? There are some detox hotels in Russia as well. In Sochi you can do a course, which seems to be the most up-to-date for now – from youthification to immune system reinforcement. Massage, fitness and yoga will make results perfect. It’s only important to follow all the rules and recommendations. And what is more, the starting price is from 20000 rubles, which is very humane, especially, if you find cheap flight tickets.

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