Orgasmic Zen

Are you planning on having a romantic vacation soon? My favourite place is a luxury resort, Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Thailand, Krabi Province.


My travel discovery of this year is the Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve hotel. There is a square pool in a large amaranthine hall, the sounds of water and birds piping – everything round about is unusual and mysterious. The hotel staff speak Russian, which is also very lovely. There are no registration zones, you are introduced to a personal concierge, who carries out all the orders during your stay. You pay for the bill also right there, at the villa.

Personal butler Bao welcomes you to get acquainted with the hotel, helps to reserve a table in a restaurant for dinner and not to forget about Thai massage classes or morning Yoga on the beach.


Hotel interior design 

The hotel residents live in the villas, surrounded with palms and exotic flowers – you find yourselves in a garden of paradise for two.

I noticed, that the hotel interior design is made in pale violet tones. And it is no coincidence, because lilac is a colour of soul chakras in Buddhism. This is also a symbol of royal families. Geometric hotel architechture and bright purple colour reminded me of magical motives of my favorite “Alice in Wonderland”.


When you find yourself in a villa, the first thing that bursts upon the eye is an enormous king-size bed, mirror walls and antique doors, decorated with paintings of naked women. Erotic motives are clearly the most favorite in this paradise for lovebirds. The paintings give you a slight hint, that orgasmic Zen is waiting here for you with ideal nature in the background. All the room is like a soft white airy bed. There is a whirlpool bath in the tropical garden. I love taking shower outdoors – it’s unbelievable feeling!


Pleasant trifles 

I liked a lot, that every evening there are small symbols of Thailand with their description and goodnight wishes, waiting for you in your room in little boxes. It’s always nice to learn more about history, culture and traditions of a country you visit. There is a small bar of chocolate nearby – it may seem a kickshaw, but stiil lovely. And on New Year's Eve we were given a chocolate cake with a Christmas Lettering and a very beautiful mirror-frame, designed with symbols of the hotel.



Another important story in every luxury hotel is about breakfast. I don’t know how about you, but my favorite time of the day is morning. I adore mornings! Morning sex, morning reading and meditation… And isn’t it amazing to have breakfast on the beach?

There is a large choice of delicious food, up to everyone’s liking: egg-white omelet with spinach, tomatoes and cheese, my favorite royal mangosteen, juicy, sweet and tasting like heaven honeycomb, jams of all kinds, just baked wholegrain bread, passion fruit, yellow juicy mango and a great amount of different fruit.

Various colorful types of juice and smoothies are ready to be made right in front of you: watermelon, ginger, melon and of course my favorite one – coconut juice. It’s the best in Thailand, where it doesn’t taste sour.

I made it in time to do cardiovascular exercises early in the morning and it was a great pleasure for me to see peanut butter on a breakfast table. It’s such a tasty treat, containing lots of protein. It contains lots of fat as well, but eating two spoons of peanut butter instead of some muffin is much healthier, more delicious and nutrient rich.

A flowery garden, where breakfast is being served, is surrounded with a pond. There is a possibility, that some animal will appear. A goanna emerged like a snake from under the water right in front of our eyes once. It appositely invigorated my friend very much.


Active life 


Peanut butter is a sly friend. My coach told me straight away: “Marina it’s artery clogging, that’s why there is the rule: eat just one spoon and it’s enough!” But rules are made to be broken, aren’t they? And for that I’ll tell you about my trainings.

The sports hall is fantastic! We warmed up playing ping-pong, after that we started weight-training exercises – this is for TRX lovers.

And if you want to do something quickly and effectively – here is my 45-minutes exercitation, after that you are in good shape!

Mixing aerobic and weight-training exercises helps you to keep fit – the most important thing here is not to overeat! For active leisure lovers there is a schedule for the whole day: trekking in the mountains with an instructor, road racings, morning yoga, meditation, stretching, Thai boxing.


Island journey 

Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve offers you a small bonus – a boat to visit the islands. Please, be aware that the sea view may not delight you – there are some plastic runoffs and rubbish there. So, try to be patient and don't expect to see ”bounty islands”. A swimming bay is beautiful itself, but too much crowded. There are huge crowds of Chinese and all of them seem to appear from the one swimming pool: pink life-jackets, rubber hats, swimming goggles and of course a viscose swimming costume with stretched out knees in, can you imagine that type of pink horror? They are all splashing, laughing and screaming all the time – it seems, that they see water for the first time in their lives. And that’s what you want to say: “This is the sea, my friends. And yeah, it’s wet and saulty!”

If you love communicating with people, which I personally love very much, the excursions offered by the hotel will be a big plus for you. We went on the same boat with two gays from Columbia and Argentina and an Indian family couple from Australia. I discovered a lot of interesting stories about South America and sunny Australia, that I’m thinking of seeing Pablo – one of my fellow travellers about in Buenos Aires, after my trip to Brazil. By the way, he is a head of the charity fund, working with difficult teenagers, and just a good, well-educated man. 

We decided to spend together that evening and gathered for a dinner with the same company. We talked well, celebrated our meeting by a couple of strawberry daiquiris at sunset at the bar and discussed a topic of Chinese pink swimming fashion looks.

It turned out, they have a reason for that. In China it is inappropriate to have a tanned skin – paleness is like a belonging to a superior race. It works vice-versa for us – the darker skin you have, the more luxurious you are. In China you may easily pass for a commoner.


For the two… 

During all day couples disperse over their villas. There is no one around and it seems that all this paradise belongs only to you.

We were caught in the rain. The hurricane raged for the whole three days, but you know, what pleasure it is to swim under the rain! It’s even better, when there is an island-bar, built right in the swimming pool. You swim there in easily and like: “May I have coconut juice, please?” And it’s necessary to add “Kopkhun ka!” This means “thank you”. Don't forget –  courtesy conquers cities! I love being polite!

In the evening, a small bar works near the sea, where you can drink a passion mojito, lying on a white bed, admire the sunset and watch a movie about James Bond when it gets darker.

And don’t miss taking a delight in visiting spa together. You may book one room and enjoy the process of Thai massage. It’s so nice to do something together –  do sport, get a massage, learn the art of meditation, canoeing, feeling like a super champion. Or to play darts for the first time and win! The main thing is to be agreed on a prize in advance! And the reward may turn into a next journey! Do you agree?

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