Let's Vogue in Tuscany!

Viki&Marina often post articles about travelings and the most interesting events of the world. Now it’s time to organize our own one! Viki&Marina project invites you to join the tour "Let's vogue in Tuscany" in June (from 9.06 to 16.06)!

Why Tuscany?

Because it is the most atmospheric region of Italy. The well-known landscapes with cypresses, hills, vineyards and villas became the architectural landmark of the country a long time ago. Even the most exacting travelers are very welcome here. If there is a wish to feel refreshment of mind and body, to be filled with energy, to treat yourself with magnificent views, Italian cuisine, European luxury and peaceful country life, then it is necessary to go here. Tuscans are the best experts on slow life.


So, will I be able to see and feel all that?

Certainly. Together with Marina Sonina, the founder of Viki&Marina project, experienced traveler and the expert on Italy, you learn about secret places, you will see Tuscany not as an ordinary tourist, enjoy Italian hospitality and the real dolce vita.


Where will I live?

In L'Andana hotel which is situated in the territory of a huge country estate near Castiglione della Pescaia. From here there are four kilometers to the sea and nine kilometers to Grosseto – a picturesque Italian city in the south of Tuscany. L’Andana – the member of The Leading Hotels of the World, the international brand of magnificent hotels. The building of the hotel is an ancient country house of the 17th century which earlier belonged to Medici's family. The Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold II and his court spent a summer season there. In interiors of hotel the luxury of the Italian palace and modern convenience is perfectly combined, and an amazing view of vineyards and olive groves opens there.


They must cook perfectly in such a magnificent hotel, huh?

Of course, they do! There is Trattoriya Enrico Bartolini in the territory of the estate which is marked out with a Michelin star. For breakfast and dinner, the chef Enrico Bartolini will cook the special organic-menu for guests of our program. Persons who are interested in cooking can participate in a culinary master class and learn how to cook typical dishes of the Tuscan kitchen. Add tasting of exclusive wine brands, cheese and ice cream here – and you can be sure that paradise for gourmets is exactly in Tuscany.


For a week of such good life I will, perhaps, put on five extra kilos. Or even six!

Not at all, besides the refined menu there will be lots of activities: horse riding, golf, bicycle walks, tracking in the most beautiful national park, strength and aerobic trainings, stretching sessions. Charming Italian trainers will become your instructors. They are so charismatic and professional that you won't want to slack off, and in seven days you will develop a habit to do sport exercises, you will try different types of trainings and you will get slim.


Tasty food and sport... Sounds great. And what other kinds of entertainment are provided?

A master class from Elina Halimi, the world-class stylist, is waiting for you. She will tell you about secrets of beauty and style, about hidden fashionable places in the world capitals of shopping. Elina will teach you how to create the unique style. The fashionable subject doesn't come to an end here. You will meet with well-known art and fashion-photographer Lia Mstislavskaya. Her works can be seen in Italian Vogue, and in advertizing campaigns of popular fashion-brands. The master of a female portrait, she perfectly knows how to gloss over female beauty. Lia will hold a photoshoot with our guests, and you will take away not only memories of solar Italy, but also fabulous photos.


Are there any excursions planned too?

Yes. We offer two options. The first is San Gimignano, one of the most picturesque cities of Tuscany with its well-known medieval towers. Once they were built by notable families, wishing to emphasize the prosperity and the status. If nowadays we measure ourselves by watches and cars, then in the Middle Ages everything was measured by towers. And you imagine how a rich Guelph fell asleep with a pleased smile on lips: " I have 50 meters!" The second option – Montalchino, a small cozy city, off the beaten track, the homeland of the well-known Brunello di Montalcino dry red wine.

You will also visit Terme di Saturnia – thermal springs which, according to a legend, appeared from a stroke of lightning sent by Jupiter. The Supreme god aimed for the father, but slightly overshot and there the thermal springs appeared. Thank him for that, now you can enjoy luxury rest in SPA Terme di Saturnia.


All this looks very attractive. How can I contact you?

For all questions, please contact rmv.marina@bk.ru

Watch the presentation of the project here

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