The fairy tale road: a trip across Germany

Germany usually isn't among the most popular tourist directions. And it’s absolutely wrong! Germany is all about fantastically beautiful castles, Gothic cathedrals and magic stories about mad kings, charming princes and bewitched princesses. Viki&Marina have made a route over the most interesting, romantic and fantastic places.

day 1. bremen

As one well-known boys-band sang, “there is nothing better in the whole world, than to roam with friends all over like a bird…”, and this is an excellent motto for people who like to travel. Our "fantastic" route begins exactly from here, in the homeland of the Bremen town musicians. Walking around the city, don't forget to make photo of yourself with a monument to a donkey-dog-cat-rooster at the background. By the way, if you hold the legs of a donkey and make a wish, then it by all means has to come true. At least, it is promised to us to be so.  Then it is possible to go to wine tasting to the building of the  Town hall. After two-three glasses of the Rhine wine it is simpler to believe in legends of the bewitched beauties and princes charming (especially about princes!). 

Day 2. Gameln and fabulous princess’ castles 

Gameln has gained its fame thanks to a legend of the Gameln rat catcher who, being offended at the city head, by means of sorcery kidnapped children of citizens, and they were gone forever. Sculptures of rats and the rat catcher are placed around the city, and every inhabitant will show you in what house the villain lived. The next stop – the town Polle. Ruins of the local castle are considered to be that place where Cinderella ran away in a hurry. Walls are partially restored and in the summer performances are arranged there. Further the road to the south will bring you into the Trendelburg, where the tower of Rapunzel is situated. It is necessary to lift up the head to look at the balcony from where Rapunzel lowered her braid. It was too high for the prince to climb. But fantastic heroes can figure anything out. Another castle in the neighbourhood is Sababurg. Constructed in the 14th century, he has come to desolation after destructive wars, has grown with an ivy, and the thorny wall has grown around him. According to a legend, the Sleeping Beauty has overslept for hundred years until she was kissed by the prince exactly here. Now the castle became manned again, and the magic atmosphere of ancient fairy tales is consciously supported there. During the summer period when roses blossom, it is especially fabulous.

Day 3. Kassel

Right here brothers Grimm, the famous German storytellers, spent thirty years of their life – worked as librarians, collected and wrote down fantastic stories. The most popular place of interest of the city – huge Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park which quite could serve as a scenery to ancient fairy tales. Walking in the park, pop into Löwenburg Castle ("the lion's castle") – the romantic place built just like ancient knight's castles. To plunge into the atmosphere of magic fairy tales, we advise to stay not at modern hotel in the city but in the country lock. For example, from Kassel it is easy to reach to Hotel Schloss Waldeck – the medieval castle turned into the four-stars hotel with a delightful view of the lake.

Day 4. Hanau

On the way to Hanau turn to Schwalmstadt – exactly here, to believe brothers Grimm, lived a Little Red Riding Hood and so carelessly walked in the woods. In old times, many local women really wore red hats. Further on the way to the South Steinau an der Strasse – the city where Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm spent their childhood. The house, in which their family lived, is turned into the museum now. Future storytellers were born in Hanau. Here is the monument to writers on the central square, and in the park of the Filipsrue castle (Schloss Philippsruhe) from the middle of May until the end of July "A festival of brothers Grimm" is being held – colourful shows based on the well-known fairy tales.

Day 5. Munich

We decided not to stop in Munich, but if you have never been here, then we advise stay at least for a day and to walk around the city. The central square, Marienplatz, is the best place to begin your walk with. After admiring a Gothic New town hall for a while and having seen stages from medieval life, go further to wander around the Old city. To complete at least the minimum of the, you can pop into in the well-known Hofbräuhaus – the beer restaurant which was visited by Mozart, the princess Sissi and companion Lenin with his companion Krupskaya in those times.

Day 6. Royal castles

You will find picturesque views of the well-known Neuschwanstein in any tourist booklet about Germany. So far as it concerns such spread-around sights, the reality often disappoints. But the castle of the mad king Ludwig II is so fantastically fine, as on advertising pictures. They say, it inspired Pyotr Tchaikovsky so much that it was exactly here where the composer came up with the idea about the legendary ballet "Swan Lake". In the palace interiors entertainingly intertwine illustrations to Wagner's operas and motives of ancient German legends. Therefore, it is better to visit the castle with the guide who can tell about halls and wall paintings in detail. We stopped nearby in  Hotel König Ludwig in Shvangau. The magnificent hotel with excellent Spa where music sounds even under water in the pool, and from windows opens a view of the Alpine meadows.

Less well-known, but not less beautiful palace Linderhof, the country residence of Ludwig II is located nearby. At will, it is possible to visit Herrenchiemsee – one more palace of the king-dreamer. It is very picturesquely located – on the island in the middle of the beautiful park. Here everything is as we love: fountains, smart interiors, magnificent embroidery. In Ludwig II's museum it is possible to learn about life of this unusual monarch and his unhappy destiny. In brief: once upon a time there was an excentric king who was fond of architecture and dreamed to build palaces of fantastic beauty. And also he dreamed of being left alone. Then he was declared the madman, displaced from a throne and in two days he was whether was drowned, or he drowned himself – the story is dark and sad. But the German fairy tales in general often neglected the rule that "each fantastic story has a happy ending".

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