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Take any novel of the 19th century "From the life of the Russian Aristocracy" and there you will certainly find someone who goes off to recuperate on the waters. The great tradition! We suggest taking it back to live and going to sunny Italy.

By amount of beauty on a square kilometer Italy easily will overtake any other country on all five continents. But Italy is not only wonderful nature, the warm sea, tasty kitchen, historical monuments and handsome men. Italy is curative thermal springs and magnificent SPA complexes, the best of which are in Tuscany. As a bonus – "impressions first-hand" from Marina Sonina, a founder of the Viki&Marina project and a beautiful expert on Italy.


Terme di Petriolo

Terme di Petriolo are located near Siena. The earth here is literally breathing history. This thermal spring was already known at the time of ancient Romans. It is mentioned by Martsial in the epigram and Cicero in one of the speeches. In Renaissance the local health resort enjoyed special popularity at Popes, cardinals and the highest nobility. Water temperature in a source + 430C, it is rich with a hydrogen sulfide, calcium, fluorine. Here respiratory diseases go to treat: chronic pharyngitises, sinusitis, rhinites; dermal diseases: acne, psoriasis, eczema. And if you can brag of excellent health, then Terme di Petriolo – the excellent place to have a rest and gain strength.

Marina: "The complex works only during the summer period from April to October. The hotel is stated as five-star, but honestly can carry onle only four stars. Restaurant is none at all, I can warn astraight away. But Spa complex, saunas, Turkish baths are good. And the view opening there is just charming!"

Terme di Saturnia 

An extensive complex which includes a thermal spring, the SPA center, the gym, the golf course, magnificent hotel and restaurants. Besides standard programs of treatment and a relaxation of Terme di Saturnia offer the special course Rebalance. It helps guests, tired of city turmoil, to open new stocks of physical and mental energy. The physical activity, the balanced delivery, respiratory gymnastics, a detox the program, a physiotherapy, a fangotherapy – a five-day course will lay the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and will help to develop mass of useful habits.

Marina: "The interesting legend is bound to this place. As if Jupiter was angry with the father of Saturn, threw a spear into him, mishit and where the spear was thrust to the earth, the curative spring appeared. It is authentically known that Saturniya's earth was inhabited by Etruscans who widely used thermal waters.

The health resort works all the year round. It is possible to arrive in November when air becomes cool, and you luxuriate in hot thermal water – improbable pleasure! Not only the place charmed us, but also its director fascinating Licinio Garavaglia. Charismatic, cheerful, stylish, he looks like Celentano and wouldn't mind to dance and drink in the good company. Don't forget to visit Verdiana restaurant. It is a local family trattoria with the kitchen garden and a garden where 30 different grades of tomatoes are grown up. And in general, everything is madly tasty and fresh here".

Fonte Verde

Harmony – here the main word which occurs when you luxuriate in outdoor pools overlooking the green hills of Tuscany and a palazzo of Renaissance, constructed for the Grand Duke Ferdinand I Medici. Experts of this thermal source managed to unite traditions of the West and the East. Besides programs, traditional for thermal springs, guests are offered to try east medical practics: Chinese reflexotherapy of feet, Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage, Japanese shiatsu.

Marina: "Indeed, I've never met a place more picturesque than that. An absolute zen with the the Tuscan hills at the background. Here I was rehabilitated after a fracture, was recovered with my soul and body and loaded with good mood. The great doctor-esthetician made for me a vitamin cocktail program for a face and body. I certainly recommend it!"


Bagno Vignoni Terme  

The SPA complex offers about twenty types of massage – from a classical relaxing to Ayurvedic shirodkhar massage. There is a special anti-cellulite program: herbal teas, a hydromassage, anti-cellulite manual massage, procedures with olive oil for smoothness of skin, mud wrappings – all this helps to fight against opposite hillocks on hips. No, we, of course, respect bodypositives, but without "ears" on a waist and an orange-peel on hips it turns out much more simply to love your body.

Marina: "The town Bagno Vignoni is very nice itself. There is an ancient pool directly in the center filled with hot thermal water. An incredibly mystical and inspiring place".

Terme San Giovanni 

Halfway between Arezzo and Siena there are Terme San Giovanni. Usually thermal springs are recommended for patients with respiratory diseases, skin diseases, arthritis. In Terme San Giovanni there are medical courses for women for whom breast cancer is diagnosed. Thermal sources, of course, won't replace a chemotherapy, but will help to be restored after aggressive treatment and in general, the quieter a person is, the less stress he has, the better the process of treatment and restoration goes. And leisure time on mineral waters just helps to struggle with stress.

Marina: "This is one of my favourite health resorts because it is possible to bathe at night there. You are bathing under night stars, hearing singing birds, feeling cool air and warm water - you are like in zero gravity! There are two minuses: water is too smelly, with white clay in its structure spoils hair very much. This is a real disaster for blondes, hair becomes harder, and I had to look for a hairdresser's to comb them. Therefore, protect your hair".


Castello di Velona Resort 

The hotel and SPA complex are in the territory of the magnificent medieval castle of the 11th century. The tower, remained since those times, still remembers times when Florence and Siena were irreconcilable enemies. The castle was restored and turned into a smart SPA Resort at the beginning of two-thousand years. Advantages: excellent service, a big beautiful pool and views of cypress groves and green hills, amazing on their beauty. The best scoops of a SPA complex – herbal - and an aromatherapy.

Marina: "In my opinion, this is the best place for lovers. Hotel, waters, romantic views – everything is at the high level. We were in November during a hunting season, here and there were sounds of rifle-shots and bark of dogs running in the woods. Boar meat ragouts and spaghetti with truffle during this period are simply divine!"


Castel Monastero Resort 

Once upon a time there was a monastery located on the Earth near Siena, then it was turned into the castle of notable family, and then – into the luxury hotel and SPA center. The complex is proud of its programs "the Slim Body", "Detox" and "Anti Age". Here they know how to make the princess of the woman. Not even a princess – the queen! Many recognized European centers of plastic surgery choose Castel Monastero Resort for postoperative recovery of their patients. Cherry on cake – yoga under the leadership of instructors with a world name in wonderful gardens around the former monastery.


Grotta Giusti Resort 

The country house of the 19th century strikes with the luxury and style. Inside the hidden treasure is waiting for you – a natural stone grotto with curative steam. The cave is divided into three parts, symbolically called Paradise, the Purgatory and Hell. Comfortable temperature from 28 to 34 0C is maintained in them, and the underground labyrinth makes room for a privacy and a relaxation. Giuseppe Garibaldi had a rest from revolutionary cares in this salutary resort and even sent to owners the letter with thanks. Other famous admirer of Grotta Giusti – the composer Giuseppe Verdi.


Terme di Sassetta

Designers were obviously inspired by the Roman and Etruscan terms: the natural stone, beautiful pools, water cascades, is a lot of light, and a magic garden around. This complex can put safely marking of Biot on, all cosmetics are made of natural products: red wine, honey, olive oil, curative clay, natural yogurt and still whole list of secret ingredients.

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