La Biennale di venezia

This year from June 13 to November 26 the well-known La Biennialle di Venezia is set. And if you are interested in modern art and you want to be super trendy, then you can't miss such a significant event.

Why is La Biennialle di Venezia such an important event?

Support, a temporary artwork by artist Lorenzo QuinnSupport is an artwork that aims to draw attention to how delicate life and its survival as we know it is compared to the force of nature in an evermore threatened environment due to climate change.

Because it is one of the most important art events of year in which 120 artists from 51 countries participate. And it is only the main thematic program! In addition, there will take place 85 national exhibitions. Can you see art of such exotic countries like Kiribati (My God, where is it?) or Antigua and Barbuda. The Venice Biennial is not a narrow small party "for the" where year after year the same authors are exposed. Curators of an exhibition tend to create a variety, for example, this year from 120 artists 103 are exposed here for the first time. Exactly here is defined what will be considered as a trend in the modern art for the next years. For example, when in 1964 Robert Raushenberg has got an award in Venice, the world has realized that the pop art is art too.


How long does this festival of arts take place there?

It is already the 57th biennial, the first has been organized in far 1895. For last more than hundred twenty years of the biennial it wasn't presented only during the time of world wars. Here it is possible to easily face world celebrities, and the last biennial in 2015 has attracted more than 500 000 visitors.

How does the biennial of 2017 differ from the previous ones?

Every time its subjects and concepts change. Viva Arte Viva became a topic of this year. "In the world full of conflicts and shocks where humanity is threatened, art – the most precious part of a person. This ideal place for reflection, expression of identity, freedom and search for the answer to fundamental questions. It is a way to tell  your life "yes!" – the curator Christine Masel has explained an exhibition message.


Which best known artworks were exposed here?

Lee Van, installation "The right time". A reminder that you are born and it's time to work.

Oh, this list will be infinite as the Great Wall. There were times it was possible to see Gustav Klimt's works, to visit a personal exhibition of August Renoir, and Picasso's pictures have been removed once from pavilions because organizers were afraid to shock public with novelty and singularity of works. In 1997 "the grandmother of art of a performance" Marina Abramovich has received "Golden lion" for work "The Balkan baroque" where she sat on a huge heap of the blood-stained guests and a day brushed them for some hours. This performance has been devoted to the victims of war in Yugoslavia and for a long time remained in memory of public. This year visitors are waited by a set of performances too, the main of them – 5-hour work “Faust” of a German author Anna Imgof who has received "Golden lion".

in what building is it located?

Hydra and Kali, Damien Hirst, 2017

Such a global exhibition occupies several buildings and pavilions at once. The main thematic part is set in the gardens Giardini Napoleonici. There is a Russian pavilion built in 1903. A part of national pavilions is in the territory of Arsenal – the former Venetian shipyard.


Is La Biennialle di Venezia only about painting, installations and performances?

James Lee Byars Tower, 65 Feet Tall and Golden, Will Grace Venice During the Biennale

Not at all. It includes the following projects: Dancing biennial (23.06-01.07), Theatrical biennial (25.07-12.08), International Venice Film Festival (30.08-09.09), Musical biennial (29.09-08.10).


Many thanks to a guide Alena for the excursion around Venice.

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