Retreat "5 elements"

My attention was drawn to "5 Еlements" retreat . I was so curious to know what is a retreat mean ? And how does it different from a Spa? I decided to study this interesting subject and to go on a research "expedition". In the questionnaire in the column "purpose of your visit", I wrote – Research.

"5 elements"  is located in the heart of Ubud, far from all main roads, among the rice fields. On the sacred river Ayung there are 9 charming bungalows. They look especially magical at sunset – in the sky all shades of pink and purple mix, you are surrounded by the sounds of the tropical jungle and sacred silence.


The philosophy of the retreat is constructed on external and internal harmony. It is considered that good health and wellbeing are a result of synergy of body, mind and  soul  when wellbeing  and self-realization become a reflection of internal harmony, love of life and the true self.


All programs are  based on the ancient Balinese philosophy, about life with clear  thoughts, speech, and actions. All my friends are engaged in a spiritual practices in India or in magic Ko-Pangan, and  I knew very little about mystical Bali.



I was looking  for privacy with my favourite books in silence,  enjoying  of jungle sounds and  exotic  flower baths. The Retreat offers   two programs: "Balance and harmony" and "transformation".  With my true ambitions , I certainly chose transformation. "I want feeling to the maximum. If I scrub, then let it be until it shines!" - I thought.


Soul transformation


Of course, to enjoy a massage – is great , but the real transformation is another story altogether. After our conversation with Miranda Rumi I understood that everything would be not as I expected. Miranda is a certified international life and the wellness coach. She made me a personal schedule.


My day began at seven in the morning with meditation. The Balinese believe that meditation is an opportunity to concentrate energy in itself, to calm one’s thoughts and to thank the world for everything that you already have. It gives feeling of balance and feeling of the moment, of life here and now.

Daily two-hour sessions with Miranda involved emotional conversations about life, relationships,  career and the truth. The program from the Balinese guru has been supposed  that within a week you are completely disconnected from external life. You write down all your thoughts in a special notebook, it’s a kind of reflexing the endured experience. We discussed the peak moments from life , found out why they cause such a strong emotional reaction.


I learned to trace emotions  rooted  in my childhood, my relationship with parents, events from a past life. Emotions are like a splinter – if you have endured a negative experience far back in the past, and haven't worked on it,  then it will influence during your life. And then decisions which you make will come not from the heart , and will poison your relationships with loved ones, friendship, and work.



We need to change our attitude , to understand our emotional nature, then we will learn to make  decisions, being guided by the truth – with  love to ourselves and the world. No one spa center will give you this experience of a reflection of a past life. This possibility to  work with soul, mind  and body gives me Retreat .

body transformation


After a morning reflection with the coach  going some sport  exercises. It may be yoga or aikido. The aikido coach changed my outlook for work with my body. The philosophy of energy, the ability to use it in everyday life is the cornerstone of such work. During the first training we learned how your energy communicate   with the world around.


The philosophy of aikido, the Japanese martial art, is directed to neutralization of your opponent not to destruction  . How to control oneself, how to proportion  force and energy and how to determine the strength of the opponent – these are the main true. 

As a result it is a beautiful dance where  you completely feel the energy, your inner force.


Daily sessions have been combined with exotic massages and flower baths riverside . 

Great discovering  – the water healing program, treatment by water which is carried out by Miranda. An incredibly beautiful ritual with rose petals and aromas  lasts an hour . Before plunging into the warm pool, you formulate your intention and, then dive into the water, you start the process of the fulfilment of your desire. You relax, you don't think of anything , you soar through the water. This ritual is very strong on emotions. Incredible feelings.


In the program there are not just the pleasant, relaxing treatments . For example, reflexotherapy – a foot massage by special sticks, a bit   painful procedure . Or a colonoscopy – I think, it isn't necessary to explain what a "pleasure" this is. 

I was saved only by the sense of humour of my therapist and the fact that beauty will save the world.

All this is connected with special food: smoothies, juice , raw foods  –  paradise for vegans. They say : 

“ Our cuisine features epicurean plant-based, raw vegan living foods cuisine in celebration of our “aliveness.” Our goal is simple: To let mother nature’s cuisine shine with all the exciting tastes, textures, vibrant colors and pure flavours. The food we serve is prepared with love, passion and attention to detail.”

 On the menu are  only vegetables and fruit, but appetizing names like: pizza, lasagna, and hamburger.

After course ending you feel an unbelievable lightness , clear mind, and sincere joy. You feel as your  back to your childhood with pure desire of life and magic. On my  last evening, during meditation on a terrace, I raised eyes to the sky and unexpectedly saw a wonderful flower. Near my bungalow there was a deciduous tree. I precisely remember that there were no flowers, only leaves. And now I realized what this flower mean for me . To see flowering of my new life full of love and magic . And it is a fine metaphor for what had happened in my soul – the blossoming of my new conscious life.

"Yes!" – I told my new filled life.

With Grateful for the new experience

Text Марина
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